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And by the numbers 18 and 21 - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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And by the numbers 18 and 21 [Sep. 21st, 2005|02:15 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Afro-Celt Sound System - ...ireann]

Well, part two took a litle longer than I expected.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early, perhaps even a little too early. Thanks to ironing the night before, I was able to dress quickly and proceeded to pack all our stuff while asdr83 did her best with her hair, which had overnight decided to rebel. I stepped out to the motel office to check out their 'breakfast', and grabbed a bagel. Most of the items were prepackaged baked goods from the grocery store, and later I grabbed a cinnamon bun to go.

Natbudin and v_cat picked us up around 9:30, and we got rolling. This was a bit early for an 11:30 wedding, but seeing as they had parts to play in the ceremony, it made sense for them to be there early. But we were there before almost anyone else from the wedding party. It gave us time to hang around and greet people as they came in. asdr83 got a little peopled out at one point and wandered off for a few minutes. I went down into the basement to help rig up the audio system for the wedding; the A/B switch for the idoorand outdoor speakers consisted of unplugging the wires from the indoor speaker and connecting them to the outdoor one.

The service finally got underway, a little late as they almost always are. I got to run up and down stairs to start and stop the music for the procession of the bride, then run back to my seat. It was a gorgeous day, especially given the rain the day before. The rabbi was excellent, and kept everyone's attention where it belonged. The wedding was small, with only about 80 people in attendance. Afterwards, everyone had a good time chatting during the cocktail hour, and then we were seated for the meal. The food was a bit slow, but I hink the staff was a bit short on numbers, and because they took the dish requests at the tables, there were probably delays due to arranging the right number of dishes. The music selected for dancing had much to recommend it, and I wish it had gone on longer than it did.

A little after 5, we finally said our goodbyes, bid the happy couple tons of well wishes, and set out. After a few unplanned twists and turns, we made it onto the highway again. After a little while we made it to a rest stop and everyone jumped out to change into mundanes again. Having slipped into something more comfortable, we got underway again, stopping again along the way to get gas and dinner. At that point I started having difficulties with my ATM card (I called them yesterday and they acknowledge a problem and are sending me a new card, with apologies), which made it difficult for me to repay natbudin for the gas as I'd intended to, so instead dinner was on me. Then the sleepies started creeping in. Myself and natbudin managed to stay awake for most of the time, but when we hit Rte. 90 he and v_cat switched so he could recoup a little. We made it back to campus, where I picked up the car and dragged ourselves back to Framingham. By then it was almost midnight, so we crept into bed. So that's why I didn't post on Sunday.

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