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Returning home, Day 14 - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Returning home, Day 14 [Oct. 29th, 2008|02:58 pm]

After Dubrovnik we had another day at sea as the ship sailed back to Rome. For more details about the day at sea, ask Amanda about the bee sting from Corfu. (See, I told you that would be an interesting story!) Then bright and early the morning (Saturday Morning) we docked, we got up, got going, got out, and got a bus to the Rome airport, and flew to Malpensa, just outside of Milan. Due to the entertaining vagaries of inexpensive flights, our flight from Malpensa back to Boston wasn’t until the next day (Sunday). We stayed overnight at a nice little hotel, even if it wasn’t convenient to get into Milan and wander around (another excuse to go back someday). After out stay, we went back to the Malpensa airport. We’d seen some entertaining sculpture when we’d passed through the first time at the beginning of our trip, and now we had enough time to go take pictures before flying back to Boston. So here’s a small photo album of two Harry Potter themed sculptures: one of Harry, and one of Hagrid. There may have been more but we didn’t find them. Oh. And they’re made out of Legos. And life size. Take a look at all the pictures to see us standing next to them!

From Malpensa Airport

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[User Picture]From: jducoeur
2008-10-31 10:32 pm (UTC)
Y'know, the scary part is that I looked at that picture embedded above, and *immediately* thought, "That's built out of Lego". Which at this scale simply isn't visible, so I have no idea *why* I immediately twigged to that...
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[User Picture]From: laurion
2008-10-31 10:39 pm (UTC)
It's the particular shade of yellow, and the slight clues of layers in the drape of his robe and his hands, I think. Still, amazing the complex pattern recognition our minds are capable of.

If you click on the full size you can see better.
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