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Santorini, Day 8 - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Santorini, Day 8 [Oct. 23rd, 2008|04:17 pm]

Our visit to Santorini was not one of an ancient site. Although Santorini (once called Thera) was a very important island stronghold in both Classical and Renaissance times, it is best known these days for its stunning beauty and cycladian architecture. Per government regulation, almost all new construction must be in the style, because it is what they are so well known for. Santorini itself is an island formed by the caldera of a volcano. The edges of the volcanic basin are the islands of Santorini. Because of this, Santorini forms a near perfect natural harbor. The walls of the caldera, however, are steep, so almost all of the construction is on the outside slopes, creeping up and peering over the rim. While in Santorini, we took the time to see the village of Ia, a popular wedding and honeymoon destination, an ancient Byzantine church (13th century, IIRC), and a local winery that produces some of the local vinsanto wine, a wine made from grapes left to dry in the sun until they are almost raisins.

From Santorini

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