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That was fun, but bent my mind a little. - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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That was fun, but bent my mind a little. [Jun. 26th, 2008|11:41 pm]

Route 30 parallels the Pike for quite a stretch, at times with sufficient elevation that looking across 30 you cannot see the pike below.

Except for when a car carrier goes by and you can see just enough of the top.  Seeing a line of cars ‘driving’ backwards on the Pike was very amusing.

Played poker tonight, at Jducoeur’s invitation (thank you!), and had a lot of fun.  Not having played anything but the ubiquitous Texas Hold ‘Em for quite some time, the variety of variations called at the table were at times mind-bending.  Particularly, I occasionally had troubles with some of the more convoluted split-pot high-low variations.  Not strategy-wise, typically, but I did flub a few action sequences, to my embarrassment.  Overall though, thanks to some good choices in Liege Lord, and some good fortunes in being the only high hand in Anaconda, (both split-pot games, oddly), I ended up more than doubling my stake (after factoring in chips bought from me at the very end).  But the money would have been well spent had I lost it all, as I had a really good time.  Of course, now I must find an opportunity to give some of the money back at another poker night.

And now I must to bed before I lose too much more sleep.

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