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So’s not to clutter this one… - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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So’s not to clutter this one… [May. 24th, 2008|03:09 pm]

As part of an ongoing project at work, I’ve started up a new blog over at chadberg.edublogs.org… .  What better way to make sure I’m fully familiar with the tool than to use it?  That’s a bit of a misdirection though; it’s a customized WordPress solution, so I’m already very familiar with the core.  But I do need to be familiar with the custom changes made for educational purposes.  So over there I’ll be blogging about my professional world (is that ‘plogging’?).

I’ve only a couple of posts there at the moment, but more in draft form.  Interested parties are welcome to subscribe.  Uninterested parties are too, but I don’t know as that will happen.  Bizarrely interested people are welcome to subscribe to that one and unsubscribe from this one.

Originally published at lebor.net. You can comment here or there.


[User Picture]From: hfcougar
2008-05-24 09:37 pm (UTC)
Mind if I syndicate it to LJ?
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[User Picture]From: laurion
2008-05-24 11:32 pm (UTC)
Go right ahead. I understand some people use LJ as an RSS reader, something I'll never quite get, but by all means, if that's how you prefer to receive it, I have no problem with it.
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: laurion
2008-05-25 12:51 am (UTC)
Oh, I definitely agree on keeping everything in one place. I've long deplored the lack of simple RSS output from LJ, but have managed to pipe my friends page into an RSS feed. I actually do the converse of those who pipe everything into LJ. Currently I am using Google Reader. I need something web based so I can access it easily, and prefer to not have to read the same things at home and at work, which would happen with separate desktop readers. I use to run Gregarius from my own host, but it hasn't kept up to date, and Google Reader has yummy yummy keyboard shortcuts that make it *very* easy for me to chew through a few hundred items in minutes.
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[User Picture]From: jducoeur
2008-05-27 06:34 pm (UTC)
I understand some people use LJ as an RSS reader, something I'll never quite get

For me, it's simple contextual separation -- I use Google Reader for work-related reading, and LJ for personal. That's not necessarily the optimal approach, but convenient given that most of my personal reading comes *from* LJ.

In the long run, I expect CommYou to supplant LJ for that purpose, but that's a bunch of stories off yet. (And it can't really do a *great* job unless I can come up with a way to export comment threads from LJ. I can kinda-sorta hack that with screen-scraping, but I don't yet have a good solution...)
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[User Picture]From: jducoeur
2008-05-27 06:35 pm (UTC)
Did you do this? I'd like to pick up the feed...
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