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Arisia Panels [Jan. 8th, 2008|12:22 pm]

Some folks have asked what Panels I'm going to be on at Arisia, so here's the list:

Gaming What is LARP, and Why Would I Want to Do It?
Fri 7:00 PM 1hr
Rebecca L Kletnieks, Chad Bergeron (m), Michael A Ventrella, Mark Waks, Anna R Bradley, John Bacon

Although I'm listed as a moderator, this is a group of old hats, so I expect a lively and self-moderating discussion. I'm minorly worried that the panelists may outnumber the attendees. That doesn't bother me too much, because I think we can have a good conversation anyhow, so we'll still get something from it. That said, you should all go, and it'll be a better panel for it.

Gaming Intro to Board and Card Games
Sat 11:00 AM 1hr
Chad Bergeron (m), Jacob Sommer, Stephanie Clarkson, Christopher Weuve

Another intro panel. Given the topic and the environment, I'm again not sure how many attendees there will be. I think that at a con, people interested in an introduction to modern board and card games will probably just go to the game rooms. Still, there's definitely a place for introducing people to gateway games, rather than having them go to a game room and get inundated with 18xx, Roads and Boats, or even Caylus type games as their first steps.

Gaming Tossing the Dice - Luck Free Games
Sat 3:00 PM 1hr
Kiralee B McCauley, Chad Bergeron (m)

This is a focused panel that I enjoy. I ran this panel at Pi-Con a few months back, and I think there's enough meat here for attendees to sink their teeth into. I know a number of gamers out there who prefer games where strategy, skill, and brainpower are the core principles to winning, and I hope to see some of them here. As well, it is interesting to show people that games don't have to be too abstract to be luck free. (Not that I think Luck is the enemy. When random luck outweighs any opportunities at luck management though, the game gets tired fast....)

SMOFing The Care and Feeding of Gophers
Sun 12:00 PM 1hr
The Marvelous MERV, Chad Bergeron, Eugene Heller, Mary Dumas

I asked for a fourth panel, and I'm pleased to have been added to this one. Gophers, or volunteers, or lackeys, or whatever you want to call them, are the backbone of any con, just like infantry are the backbone of the army (well, maybe not in modern times... computers may be the backbone of the modern army). There's a good spread in this panel of people who have worked on different scale conventions, and in different Cat Herder roles. This is an unsexy topic, but that means that it will probably be a very meaningful dialogue for those who do attend.

So come to these panels if they at all interest you, and I hope to see you at Arisia. Please note that except for the panels, my entire reason to be at Arisia is to hang out with people, so if you'd like to arrange something, let me know!

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