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The waiters never are rude... - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The waiters never are rude... [May. 11th, 2005|03:14 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |WEEI - the game.]

Wow. Take a look at this and then go dig out those old fourtunes lying around.... (thanks kyrelle for the link)

This past weekend I went down to CT. It was a good trip. Taught my family to play Diamant on Saturday before getting together with a couple of friends from high school that I haven't seen in years (seven to ten), and to hang out with friends of theirs as well. Had a good time with zombie movies and general chatting and catching up. I realized that it's been a long time since I've made time just to hang out with people, and I should look at changing that. It's going to have to wait until after the Florida trip though. Sunday I helped my dad load up a pile of lumber to build a deck with and haul it out to the campsite. Spent almost an hour there trying to get the waste line hooked up to the camper they have, because the hookup at the site was poorly laid out (at the front of the site, instead of the back, where all campers have their drain). Once we managed to stretch the hose the 20+ feet required we quickly unloaded the lumber and headed back. I then replaced the missing side view mirror on my car that has been gone for a little over a year, and put on 4 new hubcaps because one went missing and the others were pretty beat up. Unlike typical hubcaps, these are just clip in covers, so I'm not surprised one got lost; I probably hit a pothole too fast. I also took the opportunity of being home to pull out my parents entertainment center and rewire everything so that it all goes through the amp properly, and they can use the Tivo effectively. Previously they would have to change the television to two or three different channels depending on what they were trying to watch. And then we played a little pinochle.

In the days since, I've been trying to get some of the mundane things done around my place, and have started putting together items for the Florida trip - 9 days and counting.

Tonight is NotA rehearsal. Remember, concert on the 4th of June! E-mail me or comment here for more information or to reserve tickets!

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