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Welcome to 2007! [Jan. 3rd, 2007|12:11 pm]
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Welcome to 2007 everyone, get used to writing it on your checks.

It's a new year, the days are getting longer again, the holidays are over and people are getting back to work and in some cases, school. In general, it is a time of new beginnings, and turning towards life again.
I guess this is part of why people make resolutions now rather than at other times of the year. If it were me, I'd do my annual review and goal setting on my birthday. Maybe I should do that this year, as it's a big birthday coming up. (30, for those of you playing along at home)

But how could I not make a few internal resolution at this time of year? I'm not public about them usually, maybe because if I fail I have fewer people to answer to, maybe because I don't make much of myself overly public. But getting them out there makes them more of a promise, so maybe that'll help keep me honest. One of those resolutions is to post more often, as part of not shying away from openness. So if you see me, or talk to me, and I haven't posted in a few days, feel free to give me a verbal kick in the pants.

The holidays were a jumble of family, and more family, and friends, and more family, and friends. And cats. And despite the uphill battles and stresses of figuring out how to make all the holidays work, it went pretty well. Plus, I got double aces around in Pinochle, so that's a good thing! One of the new toys (and the biggest new toy) is an 80GB iPod. It's replacing the old 40GB, mostly because I need the larger capacity to actually carry my whole music collection, but it's about 2 generations newer than the old one, with a color screen, photo capability, and movie capability. Last night I started playing around with converting some tv episodes to see how it handles video on the go, and the tools out there for the Mac make it a dead simple operation. But it takes a _long_ time to convert a 700MB DivX file to iPod capable MPEG4 on this underpowered PPC mini in the office. Heck, it takes about an hour on my MacBook Pro. Price to be paid in going from one highly compressed format to another. So I'll have to see about batching things up and letting it run overnight. And maybe stepping up to the Core Duo mini.

Our apartment now has a functional fireplace, and I like to make use of it. So one of my wishlist items this Christmas was a decent set of fireplace tools. That translated into my fireplace receiving almost as many gifts as anyone else this year. Not only did it get the 5 piece tool set, it also got a large bag of fatwood kindling, a basket with various toys to make the fire blue, or smell good, a canvas log carrier bag, and a small load of wood from my parents. My fireplace feels loved.

Remember when USB thumb drives were new technology? And how the prices were exorbitant? I remember paying over $150 for a 1GB drive. I was looking online today and saw that the 4GB version of what I think is the best drive out here (the Sandisk Micro Cruzer) can be had for around $80. The ever quickening pace of technology leaves even me dizzy.

I've got the Atari now, but the games did not reveal themselves, so I have a copy of Donkey Kong winging its way towards me. This is for the Intercon G InterKong themed party at Arisia. You should all come and play! I'm thinking of raffling the system away to some lucky partygoer. What do you think? P.S., I also have an original NES dug up from the basement, with a couple dozen games if someone is interested.

Yeah, that's a pretty good start to posting in 2007.

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[User Picture]From: lucky_otter
2007-01-04 04:07 am (UTC)
I got a 2GB Cruzer a couple months ago, in a Best Buy, for $20. Ain't the future great? Or cheap, anyway.
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