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Do over. - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Do over. [Aug. 17th, 2014|08:44 pm]


  • The deck crew did not show to do their work, have said they’ll be here tomorrow.
  • Was supposed to take niece to thrown weapons and archery practice. She threw up all over the backseat one highway exit away. Drove her back and did not throw (universe has conspired to keep me from throwing for the past 2 months).
  • Almost every car detailing place is closed by 1 on Sundays or are appointment only. Took the car to the one place that was open late enough and said it did not need an appointment. Was only taking scheduled appointments today so full car cleaning now waits until Friday.
  • Hung new lamps in the living room. Old torchiere fell and broke while my back was turned doing that. New lamps are not bright enough to replace old one. E12 bulbs are difficult to get bright enough.
  • Target overflowing with back to school and welcome to college shoppers and stuff. Did not stick around to do the intended shopping.
    Button popped off of couch. Have not yet managed to pull the loop back through from the button on the other side to re anchor it.
  • In general the things that could go wrong did. The fights that could have been had were. The toddlerness of our toddler expressed.

Can I declare a mulligan and redo Sunday?

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