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GRE Prep? [Aug. 16th, 2013|05:08 pm]

Does anyone have GRE materials or suggestions they’d be willing to send my way? Thanks.

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[User Picture]From: citabria
2013-08-17 02:15 am (UTC)
My impression is that, once you sign up for a specific date at a computerized test center, you get access to lots and lots and lots of sample tests online, for free.
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From: twilighttremolo
2013-08-19 01:30 am (UTC)
Princeton Review makes some of the better gre prep books, in my opinion. Timed practice tests are very useful, and you can get them from plenty of companies, but you do get a few free with registration. Unless this year is a year with known significant changes to the test, get test prep books from the library rather than buying, even if they are a year or two out of date, because new test prep books are some overpriced hunks of newsprint.
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