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Grow your government by 3 inches overnight! - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Grow your government by 3 inches overnight! [Aug. 3rd, 2011|12:46 pm]

Even the spammers are capitalizing on the recent political wave. Spammers are by far some of the most creative and ingenious people around. Anything for a quick buck. Here’s the opening salvo in a spam email I received today. It was good enough to get past Google’s spam filters.


The time has come for Americans to STAND UP to the crap
that’s going on with our government.

Your first step is to position yourself to become financially
free. That is the ONLY way to protect yourself from economic
mess our leaders have put us in.

The vehicle I have chosen is called Skinny Body Care.”

Links to spam product scheme followed. The layers in this are amazing. First, in the subject line they call Government a Ponzi scheme (I’ve heard that before from other crazy places), but I feel like this scam might be an actual Ponzi scheme. Plus, the product they want you to market and recruit others to market is a weight loss product. So they’re using weight loss and quick cash triggers in the same scam. Brilliant. Wrap it up with the anti-government sentimentality and it’s near Genius.

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