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New Year’s Nota Bene Q&A - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New Year’s Nota Bene Q&A [Dec. 30th, 2010|02:13 pm]

A few answers to the common questions we get regarding our New Year’s parties:  (Oh, and if you some how missed the details, go to http://anyvite.com/p6buwdqcje to see the invite and to RSVP.)

When does it start? Usually around 7. Or whenever people show up.

How late does it go? Until the end. You know, whenever.

I have many other parties I’ve been invited to. Can I show up before/after the others? Sure! Party hopping is fine, and not unexpected.

Can I bring (other person)? Certainly! The more the merrier. Spouses, SOs, friends, and children are all welcome. But we take no responsibility for them, except the usual hosting responsibilities.

Can I bring (dish,drink,dessert) to share? We’d love it if you did. We’ve got a fairly large menu lined up, but don’t let that stop you from bringing something else along! (This is also a secret way to make sure there is at least one thing at the party that you will enjoy consuming…)

Do you have pets? I have allergies. Yes, we have two cats. They’ll be sequestered up in the bedroom, and we vacuum beforehand, but please medicate accordingly. If your allergies are mild, you might be able to skip the medication, which I suggest if you are thinking of consuming alcohol.

What happens if I am too tired/tipsy to drive home? We do have crash space. And lots of it. While we don’t expect anyone to get sloppy drunk, we do not want anyone to drive home if they feel they’ve had a bit more than usual, or if it just gets to be so far into the morning that you feel too impaired to drive, that’s okay. We’ll have a warm place for you to sleep.

I’ve heard you live on a busy street. Where should I park? The driveway holds about 6 cars, so if you are one of the early ones you can park there. If not, please park at the church lot three doors down. The 7th Day Adventists do have services on Saturday at 11, so you’ll probably want to be out of their parking lot by then.

I have a question not listed here. What do I do? Get in touch with us, we can answer pretty quickly.

Looking forward to seeing you at the party!

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