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The Wrathskellar [Sep. 22nd, 2010|11:52 pm]

One of the things that I did not talk about in the last post at all (because I was saving it for its own post) is The Wrathskellar.  The Wrathskellar is the upcoming show from The Boston Babydolls.  It’s a remake of a show that was first done back in 2009 (but I promise, it is -way- better).  It is a dark burlesque show, and is the most theatrical burlesque show you’re likely to see, with a complex set of characters, and a show within a show.  It is set in a dim, possibly dank alley club home to characters more closely resembling Mack the Knife than Dean Martin.  Opening night is October 27th (with a special sneak preview on Oct. 26th) and it runs through Oct. 31st at the Cambridge YMCA.  Yes, Halloween.  Tickets range from $10 to about $35 depending on what night you go, and where you sit.  Cabaret tickets come with the option of food and drink service, served by Wrathskellar Waitstaff.  From the very moment you enter, you are completely transported to The Wrathskellar.

Oh, and as a special option, when ordering tickets you can use the discount code of “Hans” to get 2$ off of tickets for the 27th or 28th!

So, why should you go?  Especially if you saw the last production?  Let me talk a bit.  First of all, it’s burlesque.  The burlesque dancers are incredibly talented, elegant, sexy, and entertaining.  They are consummate professionals, and every show is well done and worth seeing.  Secondly, this is theatrical.  There is a storyline that runs through all the numbers.  There will be live music with a live band.  There will be dark magic routines.  There will be a soundtrack featuring songs from artists like Tom Waits and Rufus Wainwright.  You’re not just seeing a show, you’re getting an experience.  Thirdly, it is dark and evocative.  If you saw the last show, be warned, this time it is even darker, deeper, and definitely creepier.  At least one person will walk out disturbed.

Side note along these lines –> I play a character named Hans (thus the discount code).  Hans is the stage manager at The Wrathskellar, as I will be the stage manager at the show.  As an example of the darker nature, Hans is carting off at least two, maybe three dead bodies during the course of the show, and will be forcible hauling a few more living bodies as well.  This is what happens when people give in to their base natures.  Life is so cruel.

Fourth, and this is for those who have seen other shows by The Babydolls, every number is designed and choreographed by hand. Almost everything is brand new, as it is for all the big shows. The costumes are new, with a team of helpers crafting full costumes, in many cases sewing new outfits.  New props and sets are being assembled.  The artistic values are top notch.  Fifth, throughout the month of October, there will be a special promotion running with area businesses.  Watch for more details, but to whet your appetite let me tell you that it will be a scavenger hunt, and at least one establishment is creating a new product named after the show.  Successful completion of the scavenger hunt will give you a chance at winning what is looking to be a pretty sweet prize package (in addition to seeing a fabulous show, no?).

The elevator pitch for the show is “The Wrathskeller is an evening of revenge, jealousy, greed, betrayal, lust, and murder… all to your favorite tunes.”

Now for juicy inside scoop.  I’m going to hint briefly at some of the numbers.  More hints can be gleaned if you check out the Wrathskellar Blog on the Boston Babydolls web site, or if you check out the pictures on the Facebook group, or if you follow the twitter feed.

One of my favorite numbers that I’m working on is with a character referred to as The Lost Girl.  She has developed a routine in which I am a part that is downright –creepifying–.  Deliciously so.  We actually refer to the routine as Creepy Doll.  I’m picking up a few parts for it at Home Depot this weekend.  Another number that I enjoy is one that I’ve always enjoyed. It’s the only repeat number from the first production (I think), and is a duet between two characters, and is one of the lynchpins in the overarching plot.  One character is conniving, and the other is blithely stumbling into the unexpected nature of The Wrathskellar.

I could talk about it for pages and pages more, but no matter how much I went on and on, it could never in any way substitute for seeing the show yourself.  With almost a full week of performances, I’m sure you’ll find yourself coming in from the cold one evening.  We look forward to seeing you there, and Welcome to The Wrathskellar.

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