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So Much 2 Say… [Sep. 22nd, 2010|08:42 am]

Wow. So much going on that I’ve not spent enough time writing about. Turns out that I’m better at two way conversation than one way dialog. I think most of us are. For starters most of you know through the dribs and drabs about us buying a house. We’re more than happy to chat about the whole ordeal and we’ve got two opportunities to show off the house and talk about it and hang out with people we haven’t really seen all summer. First chance is the Sunday of Columbus Day Weekend which has the unique quality of being 10/10/10.  Second chance is the following Saturday. Come to one the other, or even both if you like.  Plus we just spent a week in Maine, touring around Acadia National Park.  It was awesome if a bit cold at night (we were tenting it). Ask us about the hummingbird! Also, many other topics like work, family, food, our second anniversary….

But mostly I wanted to say that we’ve not seen a lot of folks this summer, and we miss you all.  Come to one of the parties and fix that. Tell us what you have been up to.  Play a game or share a drink.  Welcome is more than just a word on the mat.  Talk to us, and maybe I won’t feel so bad about not posting more detail.

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