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There and Back Again, again? - Laurion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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There and Back Again, again? [Apr. 24th, 2010|01:34 pm]

As I write this, I am riding the megabus to NYC.  (As a side note, wifi and power on a bus? PURE GENIUS.)  And this is just one part of my insane weekend.

It started this morning, when we went out and did some house hunting, including seeing one that we’re heavily considering putting an offer on.  Then zooming to South Station to catch the megabus down to NY, as mentioned.  See, I was invited to an invite-only dinner for a ‘who’s who’ of the a cappella world, taking place before this year’s ICCA finals (varsityvocals.com… for full info).  And after some thought, A. and I decided to go crazy and go for it.  So we’re meeting for Dinner at 5, seeing the show tonight, and then at 1:30 am catching the last megabus back to Boston.  We’ll get in around 6:45am.  Drive home, crash for a few hours more, and then we both have to get up again. A. is taking the niece for a few hours and heading off to girls night, whereas I am going back to Boston to do tech and prep and stage managing for the latest Boston Babydolls show, French Kiss (bostonbabydolls.net… for full info).  It is looking to be a fun show, with a lot of comedy sprinkled through.  Tickets are between $15 and $40, so you should all come see it.  If, like me, your weekend is already way overbooked, come out Monday night and see the show, as it’s running -two- nights at Club Oberon.

So, yeah, 8 hours of bus, 9 hours in NYC, 2 hours of house hunting, 8 hours of theaterwork…  somewhere I sleep in there, somewhere I eat in there, somewhere I don’t go crazy in there….  WHEE!

P.S…  wifi and power outlets on a bus?  PURE GENIUS.

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